Doc Brown 2020 Accessory Pouch

Doc Brown 2020 Accessory Pouch

Absolutely love this design!

Can someone explain to me what the “laminate” is on the inside? What is on the outside and is the print a traditional t-shirt print (like we see on our t-shirts from here) or it a rubbery type application? I’m confused.

  • Double sided print, non-woven white or black laminate inside and matching zip closure.

Can it be wiped down on the outside or inside? Just wondering how well it will hold up because this will be something I will use daily as long as we are wearing masks. …and then for whatever afterwards.


Hi @sharonkay!

The inside is bonded with a kind of cottony-feel non-woven fabric. I guess it’s called laminate because it’s ‘laminated’ to the outer fabric. Here’s a picture of one I have:

The outside is a kind of print that saturates the fabric, so it doesn’t look like it’s applied on top, like this:

The outside is kind of a cottony-feel polyester so it is sort of wipe clean, but if a stain got really sunk in, it probably wouldn’t be considered wipe clean.

I will tell you that I use this one for our kids toiletries when we travel. So it has seen toothpaste, lotion, shampoo…all the things that spill in a suitcase and I wash it in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle every once in a while and it doesn’t have any stains on it. I know the care instructions say dry clean or spot clean only, but I’m a wild cat and will throw anything in the washing machine. We’ve owned it about a year and it looks brand new. I don’t tumble dry it so the zipper doesn’t distort.

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that helps a LOT…thank you!