Doctor Chew

Shouldn’t that be Doctors Chew?

A Doctor Who shirt I can’t just ignore because too darn funny…good one Fishbiscuit!

Is that a Sonic Screwdriver or a Hydro Spanner?

Looks too much like a Christmas cookie. And to whoever did the write-up, it’s NEVER “Dr Who”. It’s always “Doctor Who”.

Aaaaaarrrr gggggrrrr. That means “Thanks, woot!” in Wookiee.

If that’s supposed to be a yeti (assuming from the fez), then why isn’t it white? Aren’t yetis usually portrayed as white?

SMH, it’s Chewbacca from Star Wars, and the fez is from Doctor Who, hence “Doctor Chew.”

Chewie, is that you?

I would have been much happier had there only been references to one Doctor. Having Baker’s scarf, Tenant’s 3D glasses and Smith’s Fez and bow tie makes it too much. I would have bought it had it only had the scarf.

That’s the problem with having a life debt to someone who regenerates- You outlive many of their iterations.

Fun design Fishie- :smiley:

Co-Pilot of the Millennium Tardis!

Another bait and switch shipping scam like yesterday. Woot why say free shipping when you really don’t mean free shipping!

Congrats on the print Fish! Love the mash-up!!

Ok…that most amazing design and I can’t get the tote!!

The tote was only available on the début day.