Doctor Who-nniversary

I really want the “Things Waiting in the Darkness” as a pullover hoodie. When will it be an option?

Never know, but my guess is that it will be waiting in the darkness one night, and pop up when you’re least expecting it.

But… but how could you possibly neglect to include Surfer Who? It’s a classic!

I bought a few shirts from the catalog since they are (mostly) all $12 bucks and I was extremely disappointed that Passenger was out of print!

Now here it is in print but I find myself waiting until my next pay comes to order it because I only have 60 bucks left and I am wanting to spend it on things that will ship before December 2nd.

Once my payment hits my account I am clicking checkout on both Passenger t-shirt and It Came Out of Nowhere poster (since I already own the shirt.)

One thing I would love to see is hoodies of these shirts. Its getting really cold lately here in New York and I cant exactly be walking around campus in 20 degree weather with only a t-shirt to show off the designs!

HOW is Travel With Me NOT a T-shirt!? I’d buy that in a second!

Ummm…no it isn’t…older than me…sniff sniff wahhhhh

Ditto! Actually, I’d prefer a zip up. But, hoodie please!

Question: I have never seen the show but my boyfriend loves it . . . which shirt would you recommended I get as part of his xmas present?

Not knowing a thing about him, I’d go with subtle like “Things Waiting in Darkness”

Ditto the vanishing Great Whodini

I’d like a Surfer Who tote.

Would love love love it if you made size 3X zip hoodies!!

Things Waiting in the Darkness t-shirt comes up $15 when I put it in the cart. It is says it is $12. Am I missing something?

I’d recommend checking back in a little while. We’ve seen an intermittent issue like this in the past. You could also try another browser or device. Hope that helps!

Just got to ask this question because it has been bugging the hell out of me. On the product page it says they start shipping on Dec 3rd but down below it says in the Shipping Info box that they ship BY the 3rd.

So my question is, if I order does that mean my order would ship prior to December 3rd or is December 3rd the day that all the shirts are dispatched.

I would order a handful of these if It were not for me thinking that they were not going to ship for 2 weeks.

Good question. I pinged the shirt crew for clarification.

UPDATE: These will begin shipping on 12/3. Hope that helps!

Thank you, while slightly disappointing I will still order them in a week or the day before they ship haha.

(Other stuff to buy and don’t want to miss out on any great deals until I get my next google payment haha)

I have been trying to order “GIF” but every day I get on to the site too late and the catalog is closed haha.

That’s how I felt about ‘ASS’ and ‘Maneater’. I didn’t want to wait, but obviously I didn’t perish in the process. Just think about all the delicious food you’re going to eat a week from today, then go back to thinking about the shirts.

I wish I had realized this before paying for next day delivery! I thought this would arrive in time for a party this weekend. Since its not even leaving till 12/3 next day shipping isnt really needed then. Bleh