Is this nutritionist propaganda trying to link obesity to extinction? Trans-fats don’t kill species, people kill species.

I predict that, just like the dodo bird, this shirt will be extinct no sooner than 23:58 from this moment.

And will not last much longer in the reckoning.

Extinct forever more.

That said, I think it’s funnah.

I can see Homer Simpson loving this shirt. Only, he wouldn’t get it.

This would explain why they went extinct.

Good thing I’m not allergic to dodo nuts.

EDIT: Wait a tick…

I want a donut! Maybe not a dodonut…

So that’s what wiped out the dodo - high cholesterol!

I would like to know what kind of filling this guy has…

This is very cute…and it also makes me afraid that I live so close to a Krispy Kreme shop…(claws at the door)

Extinct donuts don’t taste nearly as good as even the 4 for a $1 day-olds.

This would definitely be Homer Simpson’s favorite bird.

Whats up with the color of the shirt though? Yikes…

Maybe they wouldn’t have gone extinct if they weren’t so delicious.

You can’t put a filling in a dodonut with a hole… sheesh! XP

Does anyone know what flavor the dodonut is?

that’s an ugly looking dodonut…
but i would any donut-looking thing

I can imagine giant prehistoric ants getting a huge kick out of a baker’s dozen of these!

Yes you can…just inject it into the ring as opposed to the center.

Amusing, but I’m not a fan of the butter yellow + fuchsia.

There’s a certain sense of irony in having an extinct bird making the phrase “tastes like chicken” also extinct.

It kind of looks like the dodonut is constipated and turning around, looking at you while you look at its…dodonut…hole.