Does an Amazon-associated service work for Woot purchases?

I bought a Xiaomi M-365 Mi Electric Scooter through Woot and have liked it a lot. It has since lost power and I’d like to get it repaired. I wrote to Xiaomi Customer Support to ask about repair options. After some back-and-forth they wrote

“Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you. However, our service for Amazon is LLC Services not My apologies but we are unable to repair the scooter.”

Am I failing to communicate with their Customer Support or is that actually a total distinction?

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Hi there. Our sold with a warranty through SDONA but it’s now past warranty. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t do a repair for you though if you’re willing to pay for it.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

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My husband works in management for them and I will ask him for advice! Hopefully he can help with your answer so that you can get the help you need and deserve! :ok_hand::infinity::monkey:


I mean, that’d be great - I am willing to pay, just hoping somebody who knows what they’re doing can give it a tune-up!

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Have you tried a bike shop?

Still looking into that for you. So please please don’t loose patience! Us Wooters are here to help! We’re all just one :point_up: big family together here​:ok_hand::monkey_face::monkey::infinity:

You need to contact Woot directly, as Woot does run from Amazon products they still have their on policies. You need to read Woots policy and need to give a shout out to them because they are their own business. But still good place to get great deals, and you can always return that one and purchase another one just like that one! :ok_hand::key::monkey::+1::+1::steam_locomotive:

It’s a motorized scooter not a push scooter, so that’s why I thought the company might have some recommended repair providers.

Some bike shops expanded into small scooters. Worth a check.