Does anyone answer these questions?

In scrolling through the threads, I noticed how few are actually answered.
This Board needs more publicity!

It depends on the thread. Some have thousands of comments. If you’re talking about the poll questions, they used to get more responses when the poll answers were embedded in the posts here on the forums but they switched to new forum software and they haven’t figured out how to embed the answers yet. It helps to know what the poll options are when figuring out how to answer. :slight_smile:

wow! I didn’t expect a response, thanks!
Ive just ordered the 8.9 KF
and am hoping someone knows if the battery gets replaced for Refurb. status.

I don’t know the answer, but thought you needed a response

You never learn unless you ask.

I can authoritatively say that I also don’t know, but you’re getting responses at least.