Does anyone Else Use !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Amazon has been generous as heck with the cash back on there lately (3-10%), but it’s got everything really. I’d highly recommend it, I definitely get back like $80 a quarterly using it for everything and it’s run by Rakuten, the guys who sponsor the Golden State Warriors and are worth like 50 gazillion bucks, so hopefully it sticks around!


I use somebody else’s eBates account sometimes when I make purchases on Woot.

I honestly prefer a different cashback site, but they don’t offer cashbacks for Woot.

Actually, turns out this other site offers 10% back for tshirts, 2% for PCs and electronics, and 4% for pretty much everything else.


What site is that?!




Hi all. It’s great to share these sites. Just remember that referral and invite codes aren’t allowed. Thanks!


Good morning to you too.


My bad! I’ll have to check out topcashback too