Does this item not exist, or already sold out?

I don’t see a Wootbot post for it either ::rubs eyes::

Found this one, but sold out.

Where did you get your screenshot? (what site/page)

I’m a masochist, so I’m using the app. It’s under Sports (and All Deals).

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It’s on the regular www version of the Sports page too

Ah. I seldom use the app, but you are correct. I see it too. I went to the sports category then I sorted by price.

Could this be an oops of the woot variety?


#wootoops indeed.
I suspect these are upcoming deals that didn’t get their individual sale pages created yet.
This is what it links to:
But it does not exist yet.

If you go to all deals and choose the sports category then sort by newest first, there are a bunch shown that don’t have sale pages yet.

Oh? Anything good coming up?

No. All crap.

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Finally figured it out. That sale launches tomorrow morning. No idea why they’re showing up in all deals. Rogue system error again. We’re reporting it.

Will the fun never end?


no, let the fun continue!!!

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@ProCupidineNata The sale is live now.


I think its sold out