Does this work with an i-pod?

Post up a random picture, and then people will vote if it works with a i-pod or not.

EDIT: I must say, this was a picture of a stuffed lion when I originally posted it…

I vote NO, it will not work with an i-pod. Unless you have a water-resistant case…

You guys do know that you totally messed up this thread.
Nobody did what jmanflex wanted.

If we all followed directions, we wouldn’t be posting on woot… :wink:

But you folks set an all time fastest time in hijacking this thread. The second post was already screwing it up!

We just cut out the voting part of the idea, and went directly to the funny pic portion. I see that you yourself didn’t play correctly either :wink:

i beg to differ.

we did that!

i vote “no.”