Dog Dialogue



It’s all about the dogs. They love attention don’t they? YES THEY DO! Such a good puppy!






Cluck Cluck




…and do they get the appreciation they deserve?




Training Allie to take treat when I say okay, four months old, last Christmas.

One day I hope she can learn as one of my former labs did, hold it on her nose until command and catch it.


Thank you @faughtey for beginning this thread! Must love dogs!



All the adorableness here triggered a compulsion to squish my pupper.

It is just shy of 2am here.

He isn’t coming up short for lack of a human language faculty with the look he gave me :grimacing:


Thank you for posting great pictures!

At the dog park.





Oooh, your doggos do things on your command? :envy: We operate on the opposite system here . I’ve had a lifetime of handling and training everything from parrots to horses (and a bit of virtually everything in between), yet I’m putty in this one particular pup’s paws.
Obvious conclusion: he’s people, and can pull off a power-tie

That or he is something infinitely mightier than any executive :taco:

Is that a spaniel, @faughtey? Those eyes :pleading_face:

Edit: bah, I give up on ever getting the code right


The larger picture in my first post is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. I found the picture online, and thought it was adorable! The picture “At the dog park” is my own adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I don’t have any really good pictures of him yet, he likes to wiggle. :heart:


Chevy: He sees all.

Jetta: Always there with sad eyes.





OMG I never knew this existed! It’s like dressage, for dogs :grin: