Dog E Glow Pet Leashes

The light up collars are really helpful if you take your dogs to outdoor events in the summer. We do a few fire pit parties every year and inevitably, someone’s dog wanders off - with these collars, they are spotted before they go for a brush line.

(Though, I found mine for <$5)

What the heck, no smalls? LIttle dogs go camping too!

I would think that these may be too bulky for small dogs. I know the ones I have are quite thick.

I cannot partake this time as my puppy is between these sizes… maybe. I need to give him a little more time to grow before I settle on good collars (I’m currently losing 1 per week to chewing anyway).

Get back to me when you make the Kit-e-Glow collars.

need xtra large collars for giant dogs