Dog Glee: Cool Stuff For Dogs

What kind of dog is that in the DrinkWell image? It looks like a pointer.

Our dog loooves all of the Cloud Star treats. We are in desperate need of some of the mini crunchy treats, but the big ones will have to do for now.

The Buddy Biscuits are my puppies’s preferred treat. They look at the box for the night cap cookie.

I’m tempted to buy the 100.

The itty-bitty’s are perfect for training.

They go for $6.00 a box in the store.

I’m also down for the Drinkwell and the Travel Mats. Cesar was just selling those mats for over $40.

Here are reveiws for the water fountain from Amazon.

The LED light leashes don’t last long. Both of ours have broken and only the first two lights work on them…disappointing after only a few months of use.

I also have one of the light up leashes. Not purchased from Woot but it was the same brand. It lasted about a month before the battery compartment broke off.

Other than that it’s actually a nice leash. Good material, slightly reflective for visibility and the loop at the end has soft foam inside which reduces the rope burn you get if you have a puller or are trying to train a dog not to pull.

Mine lasted about 1 day before the dog ate the electronic control box.

The K9 Keeper Universal Pet Safety Auto Interior Barrier is $74.10 on Amazon. We have never seen them that reasonable and varying in size that much. That is a great deal!

Pet Safe Drinkwell Fountain is $119.99 on the manufacturer’s site. It’s $85 to $95 on Amazon. W00t has a bargain price! 3 1/2 gallons of fresh water. Great for a multi dog household.

I would love to do the drinkwell but I am sure I would have a flooded floor. My dogs love the biscuits.

I have bought both the glow leash and collar and they do not last very long.If the leash gets a little wet and if your dog bites on the leash a little bit the lights will no longer work.

The interactive toy is on Amazon for $0.25 more but prime shipped.

These LED Dog Collars are pretty cool. I got one from the other week because I came across their site. It was $10 for the collar and $5 for shipping so a bit cheaper than here.