Dog Playing Poker Online

Most deserved 1st place winner ever!

The brilliance in this design astounds me! Who can think of these things?!?!??!!
Fantastic shirt!!

Someone needs to post a pic of their dog wearing this shirt, preferably while playing on a cellphone.

What a hoot!

Well, at least he’s winning… :frowning:

Talk about checking all the boxes…
Humor, execution, nostalgia, style and broad appeal. There was no question this deserved first place, congrats. Thinking this one will be hanging around in the top 20 for a while.

Great work maestro.

Canvass/poster version please and thank you

It’s a brilliant shirt. Complemented by a write up that is the greatest one I’ve read in the 10 years of coming to this site. Well played anonymous copy writer. Top notch top notch.

It’s actually kinda sad, if you think about it. What happened to his friends? :frowning: sad panda

DAMMIT woot add tall sizes or I will buy one of these and hang around Whole Foods with my belly hanging out!

Hey thanks. I’m the copy writer for this event, and your kind words mean a lot to me. We aren’t ever really sure if people read our write-ups or not, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. <3

I second the comment that it is a brilliant write-up. I also want to express that you are a terrible person for the sadness of it, in the same way that the writers of Futurama are terrible people for the writing of “Jurassic Bark”.

To be clear, that is one of the highest compliments I can imagine giving someone.

Thanks for all the positive comments, everyone, and I’m glad the writer got props, too. Pleasantly surprised this design had such a strong reaction in the derby and here. Maybe we all need to get out more (as I type on my computer).

Thanks again! Sorry my comment skills aren’t as good as my t-shirt designing ones!

Not sure if anyone really revisits the comments, but if Falcore does…

@Falcore- I forgot which episode Jurassic Bark was so I went back and looked it up. Yikes- that’s high praise indeed. Great, heart wrenching episode.