Comic Sans?
No thanks.

Shame on you, Woot. Just… shame on you.

For the uninitiated:

Congrats on the print, Marcee!

(I will say that I would’ve preferred Woot leaving it in the original creme, though I know why it had to be changed.)

Memes that trigger fun puns are really the only good memes.

Looks like the meme is here to stay.

Yay, congrats marcee!

Woohoo! Marcee’s gonna be famous one day! Or possibly infamous.

Go ahead and throw balls at my dog. He will catch them and you’ll be out. :tongue:

You know it is intentional, right? It’s not like some accidental design faux paw…

I also spelled “pas” like that intentionally.

Was that censoring there before hand? XD Gah! Woot’s just messing with me, now! HMPH!

You may say WTF but the message boards have all sorts of “wacky” substitutions for disparaging remarks or insults.

Anyway, it would go great with this shirt.

Yes. Word filters are a Woot tradition.

Shame on you nazis. I mean WTF. I think a BOC and/or Bag of Crap is in order.

I was messing with you, but I also couldn’t decide which part of your post I liked better. :smiley:
ALSO, I’ll just welcome myself to the party 20 seconds late. I TOTALLY missed what you were referring to at first.

This is a meme I actually love and I love it for no reason whatsoever. Normally I’m rather annoyed by memes.

I am really glad this shirt printed on not creme. I have two creme shirts and for whatever reason that color and only that color is too see through. I can’t wear it without layering a tank top or something underneath it. And I’m not doing that with how hot it’s been and going to be…

Absolutely LOVE this. Would buy, but again…Woot is using the crappy girly shirts that don’t fit right whatsoever. :frowning:

Make it a hoodie! And bring the good girly tees back, please!

Is there a petition to sign? Because I know I’m not alone here.

Am I the only one that doesn’t get this shirt at all? I’m usually good with puns, but this has me stumped.

It’s been posted once, but read the Wiki. It’s a silly meme based around a Shiba Inu (dog breed) making a funny face.

This shirt plays off of “dodgeball,” ICYMI.

As a Shiba owner, I will probably end up with one of these too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I know Woot randomly filters stuff sometimes, and I know W T F has long been a censor word, but I didn’t remember ‘s ham e’ being one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, there’s ham in that bacon frying, hah.