Dojo Chores

Ha, that’s so me! Couldn’t hit a target even with ninja training! … I’m so ashamed. :frowning:

dojo soji has never been so cute. :slight_smile:

I sense impending injuries …

Also, YAY on your first print!

Great shirt for me.

I can never, ever ever ever ever have enough Ninja shirts :slight_smile: Thank you WOOT!!! Love my ninja shirts.

They should careful, those things look like they could put an eye out.

This was me, except I was sweeping pencils out of the ceiling.

Reminds me of the dodgeballs caught in the ceiling of my elementary school gym. How did they get there?

Sensei says “Don’t shuriken your duties”.

I really, really wanted to see the Nautilus shirt print (my 12 yr old is a Fibonacci freak), but this is a great consolation prize. Plus, I guess the Reckoning was getting pretty full of shirts in the calligram category, and the kawaii ninja genre was painfully underrepresented.

Congrats on the print, coffeybean!

Reminds me of that old folktale The Three Sillies

I want an official Red Ryder, throwing action, two-hundred shot range model shuriken!

Uh oh. I forsee a ninja battle in the upcoming reckoning.

So now that we have ninjas that can’t get their aim … and we have ninjas that can’t get the stealth part down … what’s next in the shirt.woot ninja chronicles?

Snail ninjas!

This is why ninja dojos are so clean and tidy.

My god, it’s full of stars…

Ok I definitely thought he was somehow throwing the ninja stars using his broom or something. The ceiling needs to be better defined perhaps…

I think the embedded tips do the job. But, from a distance, I can definitely see what you initially saw.