Dollar Store Deals From the Comfort of Your Couch

Who’s stocking up for the holidays already and which of these are headed for the gift pile?

I was just telling a coworker that I wish I had the Secret Santa name so I could see if they would appreciate a foot flusher.

I got a foot flusher in my bag of crap a couple woot-offs ago. It’s pretty awesome, but it likes to stick open and leave my toilet running constantly. It works great otherwise. Just don’t get it for any water-conscious friends :slight_smile:

I’m in for 3. I got one in the BOC awhile back.

I was deeply envious of the people who got the Kiva convertible wine tote in their bags of crap in, what, May? Probably May. Now I can let go of that feeling by buying three. So I did.

Looks like this is our BOC material … I’m guessing the servers haven’t been fixed and we may not see a BOC this woot-off

In for three what?

I thought we were finally done with the fathead posters. I hope you didn’t discover another thousand you had in stock. The fathead is great because you get a feel of the quality and for 1 dollar it makes a practice fathead, I actually tore a small piece of the first one i tried, I was glad I had 3, and I wont tear a real one if I ever come across one I want in my room

Sad that I was working and missed the travel mugs, which my mom would have loved.

I did however buy the spitball dartboards for my brother and his friends who all play darts on a team. I may donate some to their annual picnic raffle table as well. I’m sure they’d get a kick out of seeing that on the raffle table.

Contemplating the foot flushers as gifts, but a gag gift. May spring on a couple other things too for the price!

Too bad I missed those Fancy Santas. Would’ve bought one to send to Andrew Hussie.

Fantastic, create your own bag of crap!

Wish you had more of a supply here, more options.

I got one a couple of woot-offs ago … for $8!!! But it is a nice Santa.

So, I just went to buy some Kiva Wine totes. Woot kindly asks for my birthdate because I have to be old enough to buy wine (uh, it’s a bag?), then after I put in my birthdate, it says I’m too young to buy this! Sorry, but I’m well past the legal drinking age? Really? I mean, I appreciate the boost of confidence, but…yeah. Anyway, I clicked the big yellow button again, and it let me buy them, so at least I got them!

Whooops. That was a booboo. I’ll see if I can get that fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

I am brand new to woot, is it normal to feel emotionally drained because I missed out on buying 3 $1 travel mugs that I don’t need?

Yes, actually it is. Have you ventured into the woot-off yet? That’s when you really know emotional drain.

Yes, I was up all night checking my phone and then when I woke up and “found” the dollar deals I felt like I had been cheated. Now I’m waiting for the mythical “Bag of Crap”. Why do I need something I don’t need? Curse your marketing department!!!


Let me tell you what I did: I watched all day yesterday. I have a group of friends that I also got hooked, so we all try to “out-WOOT!” each other. Ad that to the already existing pressure of a “Woot-Off” and it is WORSE than being surrounded by Weeping Angels…gives “DON’T EVEN BLINK!!” a whole new meaning of importance.
Anyway, I watched all day yesterday. I commented snarkastically, I watched my friends’ FB posts about their Woot bargains, I added my own, I frantically prayed for the “Ball of Chains” to show up, I was locked on-point.

Finally, about 11:30EST, I couldn’t take any more. I was exhausted, my eyes wouldn’t close without a saline wash, my legs were numb, my laptop was lagging…so I bought a tent from WootSport. A really AWESOME 7-person tent with a screened in porch. A WONDERFUL deal.

Except I do not NEEEEED a tent! I live in the frigging woods!!! I have 2 tents!! AND a camper!!! AND two friends with huge campers on their river lots that I use all the time.

But…I HAD to. Don’t you SEE? I! HAD!! TO!!!

And if you don’t see yet…you will. OH YES…you will.

(Maniacal “movie villian” laugh here)

For us woot youngin’s, how often does the dollar store deal show up and are items added to the store once it goes up?