Domaine Degher Mojo n' Red Zone (3)

Domaine Degher Mojo n’ Red Zone 3-Pack
$67.99 (Normally $98.00) 31% off List Price
1 Domaine Degher 2006 Mojo
2 Domaine Degher 2008 Red Zone
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TA and pH, please?

Hey Wooters, I’m Denis Degher winemaker, thought I pop in for a while to see what’s up. Let me know if you have any questions.

They are very evenly balanced. I will say that the final PH on the MOJO came in around 3.65 or so. As far at TA I have to find my notes from 06.

MOJO Cab is from Latchford Ranch on Paso’s westside directly next to Booker Vineyard. The Syrah is from Silverhorse with about 5% Grenache field blend.

Welcome and thanks for stopping in.

Basil Bunting

As here it does. Don’t miss this highly acclaimed wine. You’ll be glad you did!
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Can I delay shipment until after the summer?

Finally someone who’s tasted it who knows wine.

I think they have the shipping during summer accounted for.

Indeed…just read the FAQ. IIRC, DomaineDegher we picked up your card at L’Aventure in March and have kept it around. Looking forward to trying the wine.

No but no worries. After this many years, WineDavid has summer shipping down to an art form. Should you encounter any problems though, email and they’ll take care of you.

There’s a big ol’ long discussion on Shipping in general, including summer shipping. It includes posts by WineDavid.

Ha… found the notes from 06 Mojo, the average from the Cab and Syrah were near 5.9 TA.

Cab was harvested at 27 brix and Syrah 25.5 brix. Fermentation was completed to totally dry prior to the beginning of Malolactic fermentation.

There is zero residual sugar and consequently a fine dry wine that pairs well with beef, venison and other game.

Thanks, Stefan Asseo is a good friend and mentor of mine.

I’m new to wine drinking and wine buying. I’m wondering about the unfined and unfiltered aspects of this wine. A few months ago I tried some unfiltered California Pinot Noir. One bottle settled upright opened and allowed to breathe for an hour, another bottle a day later settled and decanted, neither was my cup of tea …er wine. Are usually like PN. I don’t know whether it was the unfiltered for the vintage. The initial cloudiness is not a problem it’s the taste.
Drinking window on both wines please? Looking for wines I can hold for five years. You can’t build the seller if you drink all you bye.

I guess Amazon is so embarrassed about how poorly current selections are selling they no longer show the number of woots sold. Sadly wine.woot is a mere shadow of its former self.

Morning, Denis Degher here. Unfined and unfiltered wines might have a small amount of residue at the bottom of the bottle, or possibly in the neck if the wine has been stored cork down. This usually means that the wine are less manipulated and more natural.

There are different types of filtering. We actually use coarse stainless steel screen to keep out any large particles prior to bottling. This still allows all the beautiful attributes to remain.

Wine fining usually occurs when egg whites, bentonite, or other products are added to wines prior to bottling. They attract micro particles and theoretically sink to the bottom of the barrel or tank. This can remove some of the wines most distinctive and beautiful qualities.

Unfined and unfiltered wines should not be cloudy if they are properly made.

As always, any wines that have been recently shipped, shaken or robustly moved should be stood up and rested for several days prior to drinking.

I hope this helps.

The CT notes on the 06 Mojo appear as if they were written by a disgruntled employee. 78 ?

I am a happy daily Wooter! And, I get my Mojo directly from the winery! This is a GREAT deal on GREAT wine!
The 06 Mojo is one of the best wines I’ve tasted and you can drink it with any meal. It is BIG in flavor, nice fruit and not too much tannin. It is a very popular wine at several local wine bars. This is World Class wine. See if you don’t agree - Don’t miss it!