Domaine Pouillon Washington White Blend (5)

Domaine Pouillon Washington White Blend 5-Pack
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2011 Deux White Blend, Columbia Valley
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If someone from the winery pops in, can we get some specs, please? Oak? pH? TA? MLF?

The write up sounds nice, and I was hoping for a nice acidic crisp white, but the noted creamy finish leads me to believe my wife would not like it. Is this medium or light bodied? And what you recommend this gets paired with.

Oak treatment: 100% neutral french oak barrels, fermented and aged for 10 months.
MLF: yes
Viognier and Chardonnay fermented and barrel aged separately, then blended to allow for maximum balance and aging ability.

Thanks. 100% MLF, I assume?

Hi Cortot20. Acidic crisp white this is not. It’s also not a flabby, overdone, heavy chardonnay blend. The Chardonnay comes from Underwood Mountain (a section of our AVA that produces some of the best chardonnay in the Northwest) and is know for its mineral notes and acidity. The Viognier from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA helps balance the chardonnay’s mineral tones with ripe peach pit flavor and that burst of anjou pear we mentioned. A dry white that pairs well with bitter frisee greens, poached egg and crisp bacon salad or sticky rotisserie chicken.

Yes, 100%. We find this wine can handle the MLF and it helps the bottle stability.

Thanks, also, for being upfront in this answer and not trying to talk your way around the question to please everyone.

The last time I had a Chard/Viognier blend, it was from Louis Latour, and I really loved it, so I’m very interested in this, especially considering its pedigree. You brought up aging ability, which is a concern, since we’re going to be away from home much of this summer. Not that we’d have to drink it during the summer by any means, but what’s your thought on how it would be a year from now?

Thanks for joining us! I’ve sent these specs on so they can be added to the sale later.

A friend gave me a bottle of this a few days ago, but I’ve had a cold for the past week that won’t go away. Can’t drink on these meds or leave the bed for more than a few minutes.

Wish I could give you guys more.

It sounds delicious but I have made the mistake of buying non crisp heavier whites and they simply dont get consumed in our house. Thanks for the truthful answer, it’s refreshing.

We’ve been producing this wine for 7 years and the first vintage tastes as good as the last. The balance of pH and TA allows it to wait until you’re ready to drink it. MLF also adds stability, however, as we discussed earlier, some of the crisp acidity is removed in this process.

This actually looks like something my wife may like. I’d be able to confirm this for you guys if there wasn’t a slight cluster with Fedex. In short I was out of town, put a hold on at FedEx and rushed down there this morning to get it. Guess what - there is no record of it - at the facility nor online through the tracking number now! A true mystery!!

So apologies all - but I probably will still pick up a set of these.

Even though it is Sunday, hopefully people pop back in here.

I was fortunate enough to get a bottle of this to try out. I’m always sceptical of whites because they seem to hit or miss to me, not much in between. I think it is just a personal preference, but some flavor profiles in whites I find to very off-putting.

This wine definitely fits the bill for me.

Nose: If someone had poored this and told me to try and identify it by nose, my quess would have definitely been Riesling. It has a nice sweet floral nose, with the sweet smell being a combination of pears and mangos. No doubt the floral nose comes from the Viogier, just reminded me of the nose of a Riesling

Color: Pale straw color

Taste: Definitely in the pear, apple, meyer lemon spectrum of things. This fruit is bright and lively but not sweet, I would guess little to no RS here. While previous notes say this is not “crisp acidity” it is no where near flabby. It definitely has a nice minerality and still some good acidity to it. I wouldn’t hesitate in the least to serve this with some food, even something as fatty as salmon.

Mouthfeel: There is definitely a nice round mouthfeel to this. But not to the point where it feels heavy or flabby. It coats the mouth well and allows the finish to linger. I like that aspect a lot.

Finish: Nice balanced finish with the acidity overtaking the fruit. Medium finish.

This a nice, reasonably complex white with plenty of refreshing notes to make it a good summer sipper and I think can hold up just fine with most foods.

Those worried about aging, I wouldn’t be. This should have no problem going another 2-3 years at a bare minimum and may even gain some additional complexity.

At $15-16 dollar per bottle shipped, this is a pretty solid QPR choice. If I wasn’t in the process of cutting back purchases and try to bring my stock back to reasonable levels, I would be in on this.

If I were buying… Nice note North.

Thanks for those details - how present is the effect of he MLF (aka buttery aspect). I didn’t see if this was oaked or stainless - but didn’t see any note of oak overtone in your notes?

Thanks again.

Edit: I did see this - but seemed general - Whites and reds are fermented and aged in French neutral oak barrels using yeast that we have cultured here at Domaine Pouillon

From the winery above:

I must be losing it. Thanks.