Domaine Pouillon Washington White Blend (5)

I’ve never really experienced the “butteriness” that people speak of, since I rarely drink chardonnay. Some note it more in the context of a flavor profile, but I have heard others (rpm and Peter Wellington) not it purely as a mouthfeel. I definitely not get any buttery flavor profiles. As a mouthfeel, maybe some butteriness, just in the way it ever so slightly coats the mouth. I would not consider overly buttery in that regard.

Not really any detectable to oak to me.

Hope this helps.

It does indeed. Thank you sir.

And congrats on your 100th quality post!

My “aha” moment when I identified that was while consuming some of the Nicholson Ranch chardonnay that was offered here a few years ago - early in both my wine-drinking and wine.woot days. (Those coincide pretty closely, right about the time I started to feel a need to expand by Trader Joes shelves.)

I recall that as I was finishing a glass, I had a sensation in my mouth that was similar to the sensation after easting a slice of toast, overly-buttered and with apricot preserves.