Domino Effect

That Snake Eyes is such a troublemaker.

I have a STRONG urge to knock this shirt down…

Poking is never a good thing. Especially here.


Woooo for the British spelling of “colour.” :smiley:

I think you mean queue rather than line.

I’d like to see what happens when someone rushes the line.

Wait a minute-- Why does only one of them have arms?

I have a feeling we are being set up

Isn’t there supposed to be a line on each domino separating the top half from the bottom half?

And whatever happened to those little domino cars that dropped dominoes perfectly on their edge as they went along? Made setting them up a hell of a lot easier

I can only assume that the extra limbs are a product of evolution, and the impending knockdown is just considered “survival of the fittest”.

Lucky number 7 (first in line) isn’t so lucky today. He’s gonna fall on his face.

See! That’s amusing, unlike yesterday’s shirt. :wink:

Lead from the back, where they can’t see it coming. I like the implied mischief here. I can almost hear the giggle.

Does anyone else have a mad craving for pizza?

Don’t you mean “Heather Grey”?

I see the spelling changes!

“four” - British

“for” - American

“your” - British

“yor” - American

well played, woot.

Hey there woot! As far as the whole use of my real name (Derek) goes in today’s write up, I think it fitting to tell you that it’s meaning is “Ruler” or “Leader of the tribe.”

And in keeping with this awesome name, I demand tribute!

Perhaps a comp of this shirt would be a good start…

Timber! Which leads me to ponder if a domino falls and no one is around to see it fall does it make a noise?