Don't Happy, Be Worry

Worry because 1.not only is a mustache growing in 2. it is growing in Cthulhu?

Reminds me of a sunny day.

What a sucker!

So much love for Cheery Cthulhu.

What a delicious-looking breakfast octopus!

What no one realizes is that they are getting blank shirts.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Woot for hosting my latest monsterpiece. And an even bigger thank you to all you suck- err, Wooters out there for your continued support. If it weren’t for you, I’d never be able to afford my ridiculously extravagant lifestyle of doodling and gobbling Nutella sandwiches all day. May Cthulhu continue to overlook your insolent existence!

Oh and Happy April Fools Day! Don’t worry, that massive overcharge on your credit card is just a prank!]

Nice combine :smiley:

What really makes the design for me are the two little crossed tentacles in the center behind the other ones- They seem so timid, like he has a nervous joy hiding behind him- as he devours the world, of course-

Is it wrong for me to wish the artwork was green instead of yellow…more his (preter)natural color? The vibe would still be the same I think. Still love the design and seriously considering it!

I had the same thought, if the smiley was green, I would have been in for 4.

Zoidberg would approve of this design

I’m just going to leave this here.