Don't Keep Calm

Give up? Give up CHOCOLATE? No way…

(Yep, I know that I’m thinking outside of the bomb… I mean… the box. Doesn’t help any that I’ve been hungry all day.)

Oh, Dina Martina, you’ve struck again.

Mike promised me there was no nepotism because he did not know who this was from when he looked at it. So, I guess that could also be reassuring if you think he has a grudge against you.

Unlike with Travis who would have rejected anything I sent in just because he hates me.

Congrats ADQ! I checked your catalog and your ASS is missing. Get your ass in there.

Why are there never any tank tops? :-þ

Blame … er, someone! It’s listed under Kristy as opposed to @ADQ, that’s why.

I believe there are some of @ProfHotPants’ designs that are still listed under her maiden name too.

Summer is coming to an end in most parts of the country. Besides, there’s always scissors …

Wow, I think Trump campaign just found its new lawn sign.

I knew you couldn’t really leave us- Congrats on the print ADQ!

It’s a true win. I did a spit take when I downloaded the comp image, and knew we were on to something when my daughter said “That’s not very positive”.
And for the record, we keep the artist name off of our review sheet when we do the editorial review. Sometimes we know just by the style, but we keep it fair. (promise)

I trust ya!

Some artists do have a very distinctive style, but even then, they’re very capable of variety.

I revisited an old derby entry - COLLABORATE - just to see if I’m doing better 4+ years and hundreds of shirts later from the 11 artists involved. Nope!