Don't Leave Meowt

I can’t pack a cat in my luggage but that’s why there’s catshirts. That and I don’t have a cat anyway.

Also, hooray for

First “Sucker” again Narfcake! Thanks!

Super cute.

Transformingegg is on fire! You’ve really hit your stride. Congrats on a another derby win!

Having just had to move and make multiple trips, this shirt is giving me all the feels.

As anyone who has ever owned a cat knows, this delightful shirt is true to life. Congrats on a great Derby win, transformingegg! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This design needs to be on a tote bag, Woot!

In all fairness the cat would rather sleep on the clean clothes & luggage… Our cat is anxious and has sweaty paws when we take him out in the car anywhere.

Narfcake is my favorite person in the world.

At some point today, someone is probably going to be offended that shirt.woot is running another cat shirt, so in slim hopes to quell that:

  1. This is the Internet. Woot is on the Internet. Cats are popular on the Internet. Wooters will vote for what they like.

  2. Yes, vote. These derby winners are designs picked by Wooters aka it’s what the community wants.

  3. It was once written here that “It’s taken some of us longer than others to reconcile the fact that we’re a site that sells cutesy, jokey shirts about rabbits and penguins. It might not be what we set out to achieve in this life, but it’s our niche and we like to think we fill it adequately.”

  4. Less than 10% of what shirt.woot offers are catshirts. Which means that over 90% are cat-free. Over. Ninety. Percent. Cat-free.

It’s been a while since I ordered a Woot shirt, but this is pretty adorable and I need some new shirts. Would someone mind reminding me of the difference between the standard and AA shirts? I’m a woman, but I wear men’s medium for lounging around the house. Is AA worth an extra $3?

My MSPainted .sig links to the discussion page that highlights the differences. To summarize it here:

  • CHECK THE SIZING CHARTS. Woot links to it on every single shirt page because everybody’s body is different.

  • The fit is definitely different between the two brands. What’s not reflected in the sizing charts are the sleeve cuts/lengths, with the standard Anvil being much shorter than American Apparel.

  • Durability: I’ve personally found the American Apparel shirts to hold up much better in the long run. I normally line dry, but even then, the Anvils still shrink and losing 10% in length after a trip through the dryer is not unheard of. Indeed, the less-cared-for AA shirts which do get dryer-dried are as long as a line-dried Anvil. This might not matter at all to some, and your machines may vary, of course.

  • Country of origin is a big deal to some. American Apparel is made in the USA (Los Angeles, CA) where workers are paid $15+ per hour. The standard Anvil is made in other countries where the wages are about that per day.

Thanks so much Narfcake! :slight_smile: It looks like I’ll be buying the AA tee! :slight_smile: I appreciate your input!

Happy to help! :slight_smile:

Thanks acraigl, I honestly couldn’t believe it when I saw it had won! Thanks for the encouragement!

Thanks Inatangle!

I agree!

I find Narfcake to be one of the most pleasant and helpful individuals that I’ve met on Shirt Woot. A fine member of the community with a great sense of humor! :slight_smile:

I would like to buy them a box of cupcakes shaped like kitty cats.

Congratulations! I knew you’d win. You’re on fire!

Thank you everyone for the kind words. I’ve definitely enjoyed all your posts and positivity you bring to the forums here. Or is that pawsitivity?