Don't Lose An Eye!

Not just for snowsports… I love mine (a different brand) for walking the dog when it’s frigid because they don’t fog up when my breath blows out of my facemask. Also awesome for snowblowing; you don’t have to worry so much about the wind direction.

Are the goggles shown in the picture the only option? I noticed after looking up this company there are multiple color options in this style.

I noticed on gordini’s world wide website, they specificed the curry banana are small size. But it is indicated here as medium. Which specification is the right one?

are the big Gordini ones waterproof? These would be good for swimming.

Yes, those are the only colors we are selling.

Has anyone successfully worn the adult medium sized goggles over eyeglasses?

I just wore a pair of these skiing last weekend! I bought them in a previous woot sale. They were fabulous! It was a super sunny day on the mountain and they worked really well at keeping me from going blind. I got a lot of compliments on them too. :). I had the gold flash goggles.