Don't Mess With Science

Wow! Great job!

It’s a fact.

Walmazan makes even scientists look cute!

“I vill mess with science!”

Cool shirt! Two questions:

  • Is this shirt “standard” or “premium”? My apologies if it’s specified in the description, but I read it multiple times and the drop down box for choosing size doesn’t give me any clue, either.

  • The women’s standard vs. premium chest measurements shown in Woot’s size chart don’t seem right - the ad says order one size up for “premium,” but the “standard” WL chest width is shown as 21-1/4" while the “premium” WXL chest width is shown as 18-3/4", which is smaller than even the WM “standard” measurement. Ordering “one size up” - even two sizes up - for the women’s premium shirts doesn’t seem adequate based on the measurements in this chart. Please clarify, woot staff!


I understood that reference!

I’d love one with the R&M version with him saying “I vill mess with time!”

This shirt is offered in both premium and standard brands. The selection is available in the drop down menu under the size selection.

The sizing on the size charts is “lay flat” measurements, so you need to double the chest measurement to get the aprox circumference of the shirt.

Hope that helps!

There’s a separate dropdown selection for standard and premium. There’s some discussion here about the change/differences.

The sizing chart is correct that the premium shirts are slimmer than the standard. This coincides with the AA blanks that were previously used. Everyone comes in different sizes, so it’s good to have options.

This is the perfect shirt for the March for Science on April 22nd.


Like previously stated, great shirt for the March for Science. Too bad Woot didn’t figure that out and now they are scheduled to arrive late next week. #Fail