Don’t even ask


Fat girls need love too!

The puffed one reminds me of those hostess snowballs made of cake and coconut.

Mmmmmm…tasty, tasty rabbits…

…I don’t get it. D; What am I missing?

What’s the song?? It’s on the tip of my tongue…

i knew that bunny look familiar

This shirt offends me because that cow’s udder nipples are far too detailed. And what is a cow doing in the arctic anyway?

The joke still has yet to be explained. It must be an inside joke between the 746 voters. Maybe one of the voters will enlighten the rest of us.

Sellout by noon.

‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It’ – Rod Stewart

(actually, written by Danny Whitten and Crazy Horse released in in 1971)

Looks like the poor little dude ran into a monkey that had a shocky stick.

Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t get it. D;

Congrats to RamyB for once again figuring out what to draw that sells best to his audience and the woot crowd. I really can’t blame him, as woot does reward this behavior of “if it ain’t broke, why get creative?” routine.

Besides the overuse of bunnies, my BIGGEST complaint is that out of context, it makes no sense. Someone walking down the street won’t get the shirt. At all. They’ll think “oh it’s cute, I guess…?” Shirts should NOT do this, unless they’re deliberately confusing (like modern art, open to interpretation). Otherwise the message should be clear. This doesn’t do that.

So yes. I do not like this design at all. It’s rendered very well, but the subject matter is terrible in my eyes.


Thank you love!!

Could it be a bad hare day?

Static electricity can fluff your hair-or hare, as it seems to be the case

Oh my God - a talking bunny!!!

Just going to throw this idea out there…

Maybe it’s not a joke, maybe it’s not a reference to something, maybe it doesn’t mean anything…

Maybe it’s just a cute shirt.

Yeah? I mean, things like that can still exist right?