Donald Trump Mug - 16oz Ceramic Coffee Mug

Donald Trump Mug - 16oz Ceramic Coffee Mug

After purchasing them, I realized that I should have had them sent directly to somebody else.

Oh well.

I really wanted this…not for the right reasons though!

Just the left ones, then?

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Make sure to add a shot of ranch for a hidden valley latte.

Awww… missed it.

They were shipped separately due to “reasons”.

The first one came on Friday.

“New” condition.

Suuure… :roll_eyes:

Though yes. I suppose that the mug itself is new.

This seems like a good candidate for Amazon Warehouse.


Yeah, that box has seen better days. Surprised Amazon deemed it sellable.

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Are those cookies? Did you bring enough for everyone?

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I know! I want one too.

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I’m more disappointed that it’s “MAKE COFFEE GREAT AGAIN!” and not “MAKE COVFEFE GREAT AGAIN!”