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I’m a regular volunteer with Habitat For Humanity; we work in Detroit neighborhoods to remove vacant houses and build new housing for worthy low income families. Our efforts make great progress in reducing local crime and breathing new life into the community. This organization works across the nation to improve our country through it’s many chapters.

I’m looking for someone to design a fashionable shirt that promotes and raises money for the charity. Your community has an amazing pool of talent in your online community and I would be thrilled if we could tap it for this purpose.

The goal is to have shirts available for the month of September when the organization has the “September Blitz” build period. During this time, volunteer activity increases dramatically to make a huge amounts of progress before winter arrives.

I would work with the main office of Habitat For Humanity to post fliers at the thousands of build sites across the country. I would also promote the shirts in person at the Detroit chapter by; wearing the product every day at the build sites, posting advertisements on my hard hat and display product out of my vehicle.

I have a friend in th screen printing business that is prepare to support me in my effort but does not have the time to develop a design.

Please donate your skills for a great cause.


Please please help…


Does it have to be a shirt big enough to live in?

Unrelated to shirts, I’m an architect, if i can be useful to you from 800 miles away, pvt me.

LOL, no regular size will be fine =-P

800 miles away from Detroit, but I’m sure you can find a chapter close to you. I would highly recomend it!!! Very good Karma and the caliber of people you meet is amazing!

I’m going to blow off the dust off my Photoshop and try a design of my own. Show you noobs how its done =p