Donati Central Coast Chardonnay (4)

Donati Central Coast Chardonnay 4-Pack
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2013 Chardonnay, Paicines, Central Coast
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Expensively/impressively made wine from choice estate vineyards. quite good for the price i must say.

Not havng had this wine, the specs are interesting. The PH of 4.04 gave me pause especially for a wine that was nearly 40% barrel fermented.


I’m used to seeing whites in the mid threes and the barrel fermenting changes the mouth feel. This maybe a chard in a style that many like but not me. Of course without tasting it and no rats it’s all a guess based on the info provided. That said my wife and I really like the donati Pinot blanc that we find at Costco.

What’s your interpretation of the specs?

4.06 does seem high, I’d like to see the corresponding TA.

Hi all, Mitch at Donati Family Vineyard here…

Corresponding TA on this wine is 4.73 g/L. Definitely a rounder mouthfeel due to Barrel Fermentation, but it was “cut” with the Stainless Steel fermented wine to balance out acidity and highlight the tropical and stone fruit character (think pineapple and white peach) that Chardonnay from Paicines is known for.

Happy Saturday, Wooters! This offer is another one of our “Vineyard Select” Wines:

Selected blocks of Chardonnay from our estate in Paicines, CA were used in this small lot production (225 total cases produced).

I find this offer rather interesting. . .

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