Donati Family Estate 2006 Tal Padre Red - 3 Pack

Donati Family Estate 2006 Tal Padre Red - 3 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2006 Tal Padre
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OK, I want some stats on this. pH, TA and % alcohol.

A few of us know these guys, after someone posted on one of the woot forums about a closeout deal they were doing on their 06 claret, cab, merlot and syrah. I bought two cases at $6 a bottle. They make tasty wines. Not purist European ones, but good, acid-balanced fruity wines. They were dlicious late last year. Alcohol can be a bit present in some as they get older as the fruit fades (the 06 is on the way out), but they made very good wines for that price!

This is their flagship wine (much more expensive, and never on closeout at $6 a bottle…) and I’ve been curious about it for a while. Think that if it’s proportionately better than their ordinary offereings, it could easily be worth the money, as when new the others when new would have been well worth their up to $20 retail.

For $44, you can get 4 bottles directly from them. What’s the alcohol content?

I’m seeing $37/bottle on their site.

Try this link

By clicking on this link, for those outside of CA, it sends you to an $80 for 4 deal called: Blind Reds - Outside of California. I think the 4 for $44 deal is not a current offering.

From what I can tell by the linked web page is that while it may not be a current offering, they offered these at $11 per bottle at one time. $20 a bottle does not look like that great a deal to me.

they do discount their older wines heavily, so I thought the woot would have to be a good one. this must be from an email offering as I can’t find it online, but, hmm, good spot. works for Los Angeles. this does mean that this is substantially cheaper (excluding shipping…)

they’re ot sketchy. $37.50 is the retail price. Street prices are always lower. they are trying to get rid of their old stock at a discount, which is a lot of what woot does. Just happens that they’ve discounted it more heavily before. They do discount a lot.

Here in Kansas this link - - is saying $44 for a 4pack ‘4 bottles’ but that is before shipping.

You’d think someone in the Donati family would have heard of Google. Shoulda deleted that page off of your website.

Agree. North County Wine sells this everyday for 19.97 bottle. With shipping, a 3 pack sells for $73 – about $8 more than woot. But certainly not the type of deals we are accustomed to here. Plus, you have more than 24 hours to buy. BTW, one of the sites I visited said the finished alcohol was 14.0%, for those that are interested.

I’d rather have them perfecting their wine than their website. We can live with a few glitches or pages gone unfound if there’s decent red around.

Tough crowd. The producer deeply discounts once, and now anything higher that that price is too much. No wonder wineries inflate the sticker price so much!

My guess is the shipping on the $44 deal was pretty rough. $20+ for the four-pack wouldn’t surprise me. So while this isn’t the lowest price, it’s probably only $4 or $5 more per bottle than what you could have paid if you got in on their deal.

I tried this wine in their tasting room and am tempted at the $20 price point. I wasn’t biting at $40-ish.

I LOVE Donati wines. I bought this one back in March @ the 4 for $44 discount, still have 2 or 3 bottles left. Their claret, cab franc and other blends are very tasty. I can not remember when I tried this one, but I do remember being very satisfied with my purchase.

All being said, they have awesome holiday discounts and you may or may not want to wait for those.

$20 shipping; but at least in NV, it was overnight shipping.

I hate to break it to everyone, but the glory days of 50%-60% off wines is coming to an end. Plenty of wineries have had to shut their doors, and plenty of growers have switched crops. The result: the surplus of wines we saw during the recession is no longer in inventory. I’m sure WD will still be able to secure great deals, but I don’t think it will be relevant to measure a current discount against one we enjoyed a few years ago.

You should measure the value of the deal as the quality of the wine versus the current price available.

Corison comes to mind as an example, the last woot price had gone up by a few dollars a bottle. Not the same deal we had before, but still a great deal for that bottle of wine. I imagine this will be the trend for a while. Enjoy 30% off and dirt-cheap shipping! :slight_smile:

I too got in on a case of the discounted 2006 Claret. It was a very good wine at a super value. I see that the ‘discounts’ section of the web site is now only available to wine club members. Is this new, and does it mean that non-members will not have access to any future sales?

Speaking of Corison, I just finished a 2005 Helios and it really jumped out at me what a well made balanced wine tasted like. Something almost indescribable and subtle. It is also one of the rare wines that I have found really did fade after a day of the bottle being opened. Most of the time, I am drinking wine over two to three days, and I just put the cork back in and leave it on the counter without any noticable (by me) degradation in flavor characteristics.

when I hit the california button this came up:
“Club members must be registered online for discounts to apply.”
price was $60 for 4 pack, maybe its $44 for club members?