Donati Family Vineyard Rose (6)

Donati Family Vineyard Rosé 6-Pack
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2015 Donati Family Vineyard Rosé Paicines, Central Coast

This looks pretty interesting. I’d be willing to take a flyer, anyone want to split in socal?

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Sure. You want me to order?

You think El Jefe wants any?


I was given a bottle of this wine and was asked to post my comments. My wife, an old friend, and I drank some and compared tasting notes. I am a long-term rose drinker, having started drinking dry roses in France perhaps 30+ years ago.

I must say that none of us liked this rose style, although it might appeal to some people. It was much too fruit-forward and gave the impression of actually having some sweetness, but the finish was rather dry. All of us who tried this wine much preferred very dry roses which also had a “fruity” quality which this wine clearly is not.

If you like this type of rose, you will be quite happy with it, but if you prefer really dry roses, you will not be happy.

Hope that you all find these comments useful.

Thanks for these comments!

Any possibility you could compare this to any other Rose that have been on Woot…Pedroncelli, Denier Handel?

I cannot compare as it would be difficult to do from memory. But I would add that this wine does have some complexity of flavor and there are clear strawberry and raspberry nuances in the mouth.


I was lucky enough to receive a golden ticket and a bottle of the Rose as well. My husband, two friends and I happily drank the bottle and made some tasting notes - we were excited to have a rose to try since it is about 85 degrees where we are in Texas right now.

At first sniff it is a little hot, but you get some good floral notes. The first sip let us know this is not your ‘sit on a patio and drink by itself’ wine. The bright acidity we were expecting on the front end was more fruity - strawberries and rhubarb - and not many floral or mineral notes or at all. The mouthfeel was much heavier with a long finish.

After a couple of sips we tried tasting the wine with what we thought would be good out of the fridge - our favorite was a salty pecorino romano cheese. I think this is a rose that can definitely hold its own when paired with food, especially lean protein like jerk chicken or spicy crawfish.

We all tried to guess what would be Woot’s price point on this and all guessed higher (around $14/bottle), so this is an even better deal. If you’re looking for a strong rose that can hold up to a spicy poultry or fish dish, this is worth trying out.

Go ahead and order I’ll see if he wants any.
Thank you sir.

Thanks for the notes, at .9% RS it’s technically considered dry but very close to off dry.

Yes, according to Scott Harvey the threshold of perceptibility for sweetness is generally around 1% RS although some are more sensitive to it than others.