Donati Family Vineyard Trio


Donati Family Vineyard Trio – winery website
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 Donati Family Vineyard 2003 Meritage
1 Donati Family Vineyard 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon
1 Donati Family Vineyard 2004 Merlot

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Anyone know anything about this vineyard ??


I’ve honestly never heard of it, but just because of the little family in the name its gotta be good haha ;-).


come on labrat! Pick me you magical spinning labrat picking thing! Um… i just re-emailed because apparently my 1st one didn’t go thru. Please remember me winedavid and other Woot employees.

quick price breakdown.

cheapest on Winesearcher is
$17.99 for the cab
$18. for the merlot
$20.99 for the meritage.


I’ve been spending a lot on wine lately. This seems like a good deal, but I’ll need to be convinced. It seems like there are a lot of good wines (yay Fall!) lately, and I’m trying to limit myself to once every month, maybe twice.

So, why should I get this instead of waiting for next week?


some cellartracker revues…

2003 Donati Family Vineyard Meritage Paicines:
Tasted by tanglenet on 1/27/2007: Served as part of a tasting at K&L Wines. Thick, rich, dark raisin nose with a medium, dry finish. Good

2003 Donati Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon San Benito County Paicines:
Tasted by thevandelindes on 10/6/2007 & rated 90 points: Great wine for the price. Solid fruit and tannin balance. Bigger than some; it’s not a lightweight. Perfect party sipper.

Tasted by Combee1 on 7/6/2007 & rated 88 points: Nicely concentrated, richly extracted cabernet. Cherry, cassis, menthol, and a hint of tobacco on the nose. Strong mouth weght and feel on palate. Hints of cherry on the fore, strong black licorice, slight menthol, and slight clove. Moderate in length on finish. A bit too extracted maybe. Reminds me of a few Australian cabs I have had recently. Overall, a nice bottle and good value at sub $20 before shipping

2003 Donati Family Vineyard Merlot Paicines:

Tasted by Combee1 on 8/28/2007 & rated 91 points: Ok, maybe I’m over-hyping. Opened with friends at a casual get together after some cheaper wine. Really expected them to be blown away, but none were. Two preferred the Simi '04 Cab over this. Given that this drinks like a cab I was surprised. So maybe the wine is a bit disjointed and could use some more time. But my tasting notes before are right on. I’ll bring it down a point, but that’s as low as I go. Still unbelievable QPR

Tasted by Combee1 on 12/31/2006 & rated 92 points: Opened with friends on New Year’s Eve at dinner. Just as good as the first bottle. I will definitely seek more.

Tasted by Combee1 on 12/24/2006 & rated 92 points: Wow! What a great value at $20. Very dark, inkish, purple in the glass. On the nose, sweet dark cherry/blueberry, dark chocolate, and hints of tobacco and sweet vanilla. Up front, dense lush blueberry/blackberry flavors, balanced with just the right amount of acidity. Nice soft, lush tannins on a long finish with hints of chocolate and black licorice. A very pleasant experience and will buy again for my cellar

Tasted by commodity9 on 11/20/2006 & rated 93 points: Not your typical Merlot. This is a lush wine with great red pitted fruit and spice. French oak is prevelant on the nose and provides great sweet toasted notes. Long finish with hints of licorice. Excellent value.


shrug, give it a shot? Its a small producer in an area i’ve never heard of. Ha. And i love me some meritage style wines.


Whenever there is a wine I want they don’t ship to NJ… GRRRRRRRRRRR


I’m cautious, but I want to be a lab rat…
This looks like it would be a great combination, but the reviews I’ve seen browsing around the past 10 minutes haven’t really flattered me. I would love to hear from the winemaker.

Gonna have to sleep on this one


Pretty high alcohol on the Cab and the Meritage. That and the reviews posted make this sound like a pretty huge couple of wines.


Clay Fu - I was just down there yesterday and I can’t speak for the wine but the area was beautiful!


Thanks, Aston and Mr. C. Just enough info to push me off the fence. I knew it was just a matter of time before I caved anyway (ehh, cut me some slack on the mixed metaphor; I got 100% on both my papers this week and I’m feeling cocky) and this way I get to qualify as a potential lab rat, too. Thanks again!!


Hum… i wonder if they’ll make me a labrat. Hopefully they do not fear a chance of a bad review =PPP


A lab rat sounds like a pretty popular thing to be…hmmmmm…okay, okay…I want to be one too!


btw, off their website, it would cost $77.00 dollars before shipping for these wines. very nice deal this week I’d say.


Hey wootheads, thanks for perusing our offering. My name is Lee and I work at Donati Family Vineyard. More specifically, Ron and Matt Donati allow me to call it work because ever since we launched this brand back in 2005, I have finally come across a job in the wine business that makes me complete.

The most important aspect of our wines is the property the grapes come from. I can dork out on the term “terroir” but let’s just boil it down to a sense of place: weather, soil, water, and the human element all come into play and our vineyard is a gem.

The focus of our vineyard is on the Bordeaux varieties and there is a common thread amongst the wines and vintages. 2003 is our first vintage and we just bottled the 2005 at the end of July. The 03 Cab and 03 Meritage were released almost a year after the 03 Merlot and 03 Claret (hence the 04 Merlot in this trio).

Our wines are known for having big, bold, juicy fruitiness, soft and velvety tannins, long flavor curves and a framework of spice (I get kind of “holidays” spices). Our merlot can be more muscle-bound than most you come across, so don’t be afraid of a wimp in the line-up.

I’ll be around a few times this week to answer questions. I’m excited to share our new project with you all.




Well, I’m buying this because my name is an off shoot of Donati - Score one for geneology…


NJ is a felony to ship direct :frowning:

But our wines are available in NJ. Shoot me an email:


I wonder how many extra bottles of wine they’ll sell this week due to the labrat promotion? I have to admit, it has me a lot closer to pulling the trigger on this one than I would be otherwise.

What the heck… in for one.