Donati Family Vineyards - 3 Pack

Donati Family Vineyards - 3 Pack
$41.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2006 Donati Estate Merlot
1 2006 Donati Estate Claret
1 2006 Donati Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
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For the winemaker…

I noticed a little bit of petite verdot makes it into each of these wines. Is that by coincidence or was it something you were trying to do from the start?

Donati Family Vineyards - 3 Pack
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Zee King is back! Long Leeve Zee King! :happy:

Mill and MaskedMarvel must have been distracted by the RPM Tour stuff. :wink:

The clarinet sounds interesting. I bet it has sharp woody flavor and invokes images of the wind.

Anyone go in for this wineries previous Woot offerings? Care to share any tasting opinions?

Good solid wines from a not so well known ava in the central coast.
See the previous offer threads here
I labratted a wine not offered this time.

I always thought “claret” was english for cab sauv. So what is the difference? Please describe in 20 words or less and only use the word “cassis” when absolutely necessary.

Sorry when I said “english” I meant British. Anyone who can read this reads “english”.

Website with lots of information

oddly, i drove past their vineyards just this afternoon, and thought the name sounded familiar. must have been a premonition.

List of Wines for Sales from Donati Family Vineyards

I think it’s more generally a Bordeaux blend of Cab S, Merlot, Cab F, Petit Verdot and Malbec. It seems to be used more often to describe classically styled aged Bordeaux that’s more on the elegant side. It’ll be interesting to see if Donati is using it to describe style or just the blend.

Claret is the name they game to Bordeaux wines, so it’s almost certainly a blend of CS/merlot.

[edit: beaten to the punch :)]

Nice :slight_smile:

Hopefully it’s not flat or overwhelmed by reedy aromas. That’s key, not a minor but a major point.

Where’s PS/Loweeel? Some Meritage discussion might be useful in here, too.

Q for Donati:

What typifies the Paicines AVA and your vineyards? I’m interested in climate, geography, soil types and so on. Monterrey is pretty cool, but you’re over in the next valley so perhaps it’s a good bit warmer.

Several of the Dallas Wine Woot crowd attended a Donati Wine Dinner at Mercy Wine Bar a few weeks ago. We had the opportunity to try all of the wines from today’s Woot.

Here were the pairings:
Merlot–blackened tuna (sliced and seared) with ginger pico and spicy dijon
Claret–grilled filet mignon with rosemary thyme au jus accompanied by gratin potato
Cabernet Sauvignon–chocolate torte with almond creme

These were incredible pairings by the way. It was also a wonderful opportunity to visit with members of the Donati family and their wine reps. This event was a second Donati event for many of us (they came to Amici’s last year…really enjoyed that event as well). Their wine is fabulous, and this is a good deal.

The wines…I’m not usually a merlot drinker, but I’ve now had the Donati Merlot on 4 different occasions. I have found it delightful every time. It pairs well with red meat, spicy food and some fish (like the tuna mentioned above). Don’t let the inclusion of the merlot keep you from ordering. I really like it!

The Claret is one of my favorite Donati offerings. The cab is a big, solid wine. Both of these offerings are terrific food wines and work well with red meat.

Buried at work and not on the RPM tour like he wanted :frowning:

Ditto everything. I think the QPR is extremely high, and these are awesome food or stand-alone wines. I can also highly recommend their wine club.