Donati Family Vineyards - 3 Pack Woot Info Post - it’s magically delicious!

Donati Family Vineyards - 3 Pack - $41.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

1 * 2006 Donati Estate Merlot, 1 * 2006 Donati Estate Claret, 1 * 2006 Donati Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

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no thank you. Woot, we need something new and fresh.

Wait, uh, what?

The monkey is out on the main site, so we might be done.

Cue that kid
" ha haaaaa"

Das Preevoos Woot, Ya?

See if I can get a quality post with this - or is that just nightrider’s domain

2006 Merlot: $25
2006 Claret: $22
2006 Cab : $25

$72, if I’m not drunk without shipping. Not that I ship drunk. Ahem.

Moar!!! Ah!!!

Actually, shipping and sales tax puts me at $89.94. I’m in.

monkey hasn’t sold out yet so it may be long night…

And I thought we were all safe!

I heard a crazy rumor that next week is kind of a big deal for wine.woot

I’m pretty excited, are you?

EDIT: Whoops, bedtime.

I hope not. I’ve already given them all my money!

Dish please, please share the gossip!

OK here’s the Donati Family Story

and Donati on Winemaking

Ok, ok, I’ll buy it! But…is it good?


Is Woot going into an endless Woot-off from now on? That WOULD be a pretty big (but somewhat annoying) deal.