Donati White - Three Pack



Mill made me do it…



… and I’m out like the UGA Bulldogs.


Ahhhh, I can breathe a sigh of relief. Another woot I can easily say no to. :slight_smile:


So the C&T is next week then…


Donati White - Three Pack
$39.99 + $7 shipping (initially was $5 in error)
condition: White
1 2007 Pinot Blanc
1 2006 Pinot Grigio
1 2005 Chardonnay

Links above are to CellarTracker.

Also need to check on the s/h. Should probably be $7 for the Summer. (edit: $7 it is)


Mill sighting!

Current numbers (updated each minute):
First sucker: MaskedMarvel
Speed to first woot: 0m 15.627s

Last wooter to woot: mill

Looks like it’s just you two, Marvel. Only NC and FL are lit up. And you both bought 1 set I think.


We’ll see you next week wine.woot…whites aren’t my thing yet, even though I had a good experience with a Sauvignon Blanc a few weeks ago…


Someone beat Mill!

Well, my wallet is safe. I don’t do Chardonnay. I am curious to try the PB and always a fan of PG, but not worth it for a Chardonnay. It’s about 1/1000 Chards that I find drinkable.


I just drank the DCV3 tonight. it was absolutely fantastic, on the fence on this one though. come along you nice folk and convince me. it really wont be hard.


BTW: Does the $5 shipping indicate no summer shipping, or is it just a special this week? Or is it none of the above?


It’s a mistake. Take advantage of the $2 discount while you can before they realize!

And rainydz checks in from WA with 1 set. Appropriate userid.


NC. not SC.

There’s a difference!


The PB has me interested, but I gotta save my $$ for the magical RPM tour.


Doh! I knew that. It’s something carolina, what’s the difference :stuck_out_tongue:
Crap someone snuck in and bought from CA but I missed it. Aha! I think it was nallie. I caught you. 4 states lit up now yay. 2 from each coast… looks pretty. Should I light up NY?


Sorry for the lateness on the Donati White Value Spreadsheet

Had a local source for Donati that I went to, but they were sold out.


Hey, any wine one likes is a good wine, right? Anyway, the wiff will be happy to have some whites lying around.

Last wooter to woot: auggie24


Just don’t use Nike bats and you’ll be ok :wink:

WD WF and I are the only people on this forum to get that, we rock harder than you


Okay, so Labrat report on WD and WF.

Really nice people. Like sincerely nice people. I can safely say they have bridged the space of, people I know from the internet who are cool to people I really like. I now consider them friends. Yes pictures were taken, thank winefarm for that cause I left my camera in the car.

razzing Georgia fans at the bar
Introducing WD to the joy of Scotch Ale, the upstream does it well.
Oh, and I know something you don’t know, and I’ll never tell.
I forgot to ask about mill, cause I don’t care about mill. It’s better mill is left a mystery.

I’m pretty tired and I swear to god there’s a frog like noise coming from my upstairs. Java, is your frog haunting me?

If I can think of anything else I feel you should know I’ll let you know tomorrow. Thanks WD and WF for hanging out tonight and I’m glad you liked Omaha.

Oh, and you better either go to Piccolo Petes or Johnny’s Cafe for lunch. Don’t be fooled by the fake Johnny’s way out west, that place sucks. The Johnny’s you want is on like 32nd and L Street. Also, if you go to Borsheims and spend a lot I apologize, but the place is like jewelry heaven.

Yeah, so whatever I"m going to bed.



That’s great, a labrat report on people! Did they ship themselves to you fedex overnight? How many ketchup packets were in the box?
Heh. Seriously, that’s really cool that they hooked up with you and everything. Glad everyone had fun.