Dono dal Cielo Zinfandel - 3 Pack

Dono dal Cielo Zinfandel - 3 Pack
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Product: 3 2006 Dono dal Cielo Zinfandel
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good alchohol and moderate ph#. might be worth a go. any rats? convince me.

Well…here’s an interesting video review. Granted it’s from April 2010. At the time it was rated as a good value and a nice example of ‘non-raisiny’ Zin. I wonder how it’s drinking now and how much further the drinking window goes?

…More for the education of everyone else as sadly these folks don’t have MD shipping yet:-P

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Code is NEMATIC. It might work without woot’s intervention.

Thanks Imagine. Was on my way back from a tasting and completely forgot.

I wouldn’t hold your breath… I emailed service@woot and WD directly but never heard back.

[Edit: This was back in April, 2011, so maybe they’ve fixed the issues / started responding to emails on the subject since then.]

I recently got a code from, but they also told me to email Those guys never got back to me.

Wait, what is all this talk about a birthday coupon? Why have I not heard about it before now?

Hunter here,

Any questions about the wine or the vineyard?.. Or the winery?

My mom who is the grower will be on at about 6am PST to answer any growing questions.


good to see new york is back in the game tonight. am tempted, but need more info.

I have enjoyed Jean Edwards Cellars 2007 Alder Springs Vineyard Syrah, and the **Kunde Family Estate 2007 Dunfillan Cuvee **

the Pedroncelli 2006 Zinfandel Pedroni-Bushnell Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley and Meeker 2007 Forklift Grenache didn’t really do anything for me.

given the (limited) above info, I wonder if any of the more knowledgeable folk would venture to guess if this may be a nice match for me.

opinions are appreciated - thanks

Hunter (or Hunter’s Mom)–what is the drinking window for this wine? Do you have any food recommendations for it? How long does it need to aerate before drinking?

Sorry, I’m pretty new to wine, so my questions might sound a little elementary.

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Couple of questions -
What was the brix measurement?

Read the notes and listened to the audio from Hunter - drink now - so won’t cellar very long ?? How are the tannins?

Does the oak come across strong on the bouquet when first uncorked?

Thanks for putting up your wine here on woot!!

Really? I’ve never had a bad varietal, just some better than others. But, that said, maybe you need to try a primitivo from Italy.

Good Morning…Karen here,
the drinking window would be now. i really hesitate to hold on to wine unless you have the right storage for it and you know why you want to wait on it.
so for the food recommendation…i’d have to ask if you like to cook…i don’t so i’d say a all meat pizza with a big salad and italian dressing. or a roasted garlic chicken from the grocery store with a side of broccoli and roasted potatoes.
let me know if you really want a receipt because i have people who would chime in.
the 2006 Zinfandel is elegant enough to servce with anything you can come up with.

As usual, my state STILL won’t allow shipments. Oklahoma government at work!

good morning from California…i’m just having my coffee and did get the rat thing…now that my brains kicked in…i’m not going to get into the ph with you, but i can say the 06 has been in the bottle for 4 years now and the ph was just taken on Monday…as well as the alc. So all things a go, i’d say the old girl is holding up. our Zins are very smooth,they are fined and filtered.other than that we don’t fizt with them. am i convincing you?

thanks for the help…i had no idea how to respond…great come back

I must disagree with you on that one.