Don't Carve Turkey With These Knives

Cold Steel Survival Edge Knife:

From personal experience, I recommend shying away from any survival knife that is not full tang (i.e. the blade is one piece of metal that extends all the way through the handle). No tang – and even half tang – knives have a much greater risk of breaking when under stress (e.g. when batoning).

A reliable and durable knife is one of the most important tools for survival. It’s not worth sacrificing durability (especially in a real survival situation) just so that you have a space to store “a variety of survival aids or tinder”. You can (and should) keep those in a waterproof stuff sack.

The mothership has the SOG cheaper. Target has it for nearly the same price. Woot is not the same site since selling it soul to Amazon. I long for the days of old. One day, one deal, except for on Tuesday.

I was just at an army navy surplus store and swords like that were only $40. I’d pay that for a deco piece.

Hey now. It’s not cheaper if you amortize the woot shipping over enough other stuff. Just buy more. Then everything gets cheaper. Hold on…

Sarcasm aside, I agree with your point. And if Amazon killed woot, then the shopping cart/no-$5-per-day-shipping thing buried it for me. Haven’t bought a thing in a woot-off since.

But hey, my bank account thanks you, Woot.

The Cold Steel swords shown are not pot metal deco pieces, they are fully functional swords. They might look like fun toys but I can assure you they are not toys.

Is this a good price for the USMC Ka-Bar? I’ve looked around and it seems to be. Anyone think otherwise?

Agreed. Woot is dead, sold out to the corporate behemoth Amazon. I mourn its passing. The deals are not as good now.

Thanks, Woot.
A cool little window showed an ad for the Ken Onion knife sharpener. It’s high rated and looks like a possible Christmas gift for me…
I don’t mind using a stone on little knives, but all the kitchen knives need something else.

It’s a 3 oz Knife not axe.

Calling it a survival knife is just cold steel Marketing hype. I’m sure if they would of introduced it in 2013 it would be green with Z’s all over it and named The Zombie Edge.

It’s a great price and would be fine for most tasks around the camp, similar to a Mora

Out of the dozen or so reviews on you tube that I viewed not one broke the blade/handle. And many used it for batoning. Certainly wouldn’t be my first choice but it appears it can do it in a pinch.


lol the ka-bars go fo 50 bucks every day on amazon … awesome “sale”

It’s 1055 steel. You should look things up before you start spreading misinformation.

These may be necessary in the apocalypse.