Don't Forget the Supplements!

Despite the price bump on the Phase 8 protein, I still will likely pick some more up.

Anyone with reviews on the Nano Vapor preworkout?

If you include shipping, For $2 extra with prime, you can buy the phase 8 from the mother site. Not a deal.

Yea but for $2 LESS you can buy right here. $2 saved today…another $2 tomorrow…another $2…etc. It all adds up for retirement savings. I’ll just stick to

Here are some reviews from -

I use it myself and has given me good results, still does but I cycle it every 30 days with Cellucor C4.

Use to be a decent deal at $34.99, but no real bargain with the price increase. I like Phase8, but couldn’t stand the powdery mess. They need to work on consistency so that it doesn’t float away in the air. I’ve switched MusclePharm Combat, which also tastes good, but without the mess. No more Phase8 for me unless deal is great.

I can’t agree more. Half of the scoop ends up just floating away in the air like a protein cloud. And I know what you’re thinking, its protein powder, its supposed to be powdery. No, not like this. I’d like to know how much protein I wasted that just floated away…

Just what I was going to post. The deals are fading from this site, just like and then poof, gone.

What do you have against inhaled protein? It metabolizes just the same - right? :slight_smile:

I prefer to snort mine. I have a Scar Face worthy mound on my desk as we speak.

Anybody has experience with the Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Powder? I haven’t used Hydroxycut since its very early days (the ephedrine era)and would like to know what pos results , if any, users have been able to experience.

I don’t have any experience other than I bought from this deal and started taking yesterday. So far it is very strong on energy to the point I drank it to late yesterday afternoon (4pm) and couldn’t go to sleep last night till 1:30am or so and woke up unable to go back to sleep around 6:45am. I did mess up that morning though and took a full dose (it recommends a half dose the first week) so that probably had a lot to do with it.

I have been working out steady for the past 4 months, lost a little over 30lbs and gained a good bit of muscle but am using the hydroxycut to shred that last little bit to show my 6 pack and so far it seems like it is definitely going to help.

I bought the phase 8 protein a few months back. The product is good and I wish I bought more because the price was good then, BUT, this isn’t a great price. regularly has buy one get one 50% off. I paid 81.50 after shipping. If you buy 1 here you are paying too much per ounce. If you get 2, you are paying the same as If you buy 3+, you save a couple bucks. I’d wait. I suspect woot’s sales will be substantially slower this time around and they will revert to better pricing next time.

If not, I’ll still stick with because of the freebies they include with your order (samples, magazines, etc.). Good luck!

Ordered 12 days ago, still haven’t seen anything. Tracking isn’t updating anymore… Woot hasn’t answered my inquire, I guess my package got lost. I guess all I can do is wait… :frowning:

I’m sorry you haven’t heard anything. I poked CS for you.