Don't Go In The Basement

I LOVE Candyman in the window!

Congratulations on a crazy colorful print! (My favorite character is the “spider doll” from Toy Story. :))

Happy Halloween, you guys!

(btw, that’s the spiderhead from The Thing, scary and not secretly loveable like the Toy Story spiderhead) :^)

What the… is Jason Vorhees doing the Cabbage Patch?

He is ironically doing the running man.

I hang my geek head in shame… but… I have to ask… what’s the alien/creature thing at the bar? What tv show/movie is it from?

Love the shirt by the way! Just ordered one!

Thanks, enjoy the shirt!

That is the demogorgon from Stranger Things (Netflix) which is set in the eighties.

Great Stuff Spiritgreen! Great to see it selling so well!

Everytime I see “Basements” and “Attics” mentioned in stuff I get a little bit jealous. We don’t have either very much at all here in Aus. I have never lived in a house with either. Kind of a good thing considering it could be filled with these guys I guess … :slight_smile: