Don't Look Back, I've Got You

Peter Pan has just been trumped.

Reminds me of Wall-E

Congrats, Boots! Glad to see this one made it this weekend. Very well done.

Looks like a male version of EVE.

ohhh this is adorable! but I think most of the design would be under my bosom :frowning:

What is metallic specialty ink?

congrats Boots!

The write-up for this shirt was beautiful. After seeing dozens and dozens of snarky, funny writings for these products, it’s nice to read something like so warm as this.

Alright woot, what’d you do?

Love the contrast of the “little damsel” with the SF imagery of the rest of the design. But what is the robot saving the little girl from?

Radical design, bro. I mean, gal? I don’t know.

I love the composition on this one. Some artists may have stopped with the robot and the girl, telling a “story” with the design. But with the addition of the background, suddenly you’ve got a whole universe of stories going on.

Congrats on the print, BootsBoots!

Another thumbs-up for the beautiful writeup. Well done.

lol the robot’s hand looks like a Zoidberg claw.

I would buy a shirt with this write up printed on it…beautifully written.

That’s the most touching writeup I’ve read in a long while.

In the description is says “Metallic Silver”.

I’m guessing that the ink is on the outline of robot thing. The lighter parts.

BootsBoots, will your talent marry me? Not that you wouldn’t be a great wife and all, but I don’t really know you so much as your work. great job!

He’s not saving a little girl…
His baby-bot dropped it’s doll and he had to get back down to Earth to go and get it.