Don't Mess With Desktops

Hey guys, the $399 HP desktop is a pretty good computer, in this price range. You could do a lot worse.
I usually hate all-in-one computers, but the HP 23" with Bluray looks pretty nice. Sold out now, but maybe it will show up again another time.

This is a slight step up from the P7-1414 I got at a refurbished steal from Best Buy at about $270. Runs Borderlands 2 full-blast, no problem. Plays games in various ways from various eras really well. It’s turned me into a casual PC gamer.

Just looking for some recommendations. Is this particular desktop a good deal ??

HP ENVY 700-059c Desktop, Intel Core i7-4770 Haswell, 12GB DDR3, 2TB HDD, USB 3.0, Radeon HD 8470, 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, Win 8


That is a downright HILARIOUSLY good deal. Stupid absurdly good deal. I can’t believe we can grab that for only 700. The only thing you’d need to do to make that a gaming PC is upgrade the gfx card, but even then, I am not familiar with Radeon’s naming convention but that one might be fine. You’d have to upgrade power supply with a manlier card too, 460w is a little weak.

You won’t do better than that price point for a combo like this. I’d imagine the board is a micro-atx one tho. Confirmed: it only has one graphics card slot.

If you need a computer to be awesome and handle everything, this one seems suited to the task. Just don’t try to play games in Full HD and expect more than 20fps.

Thx. Just went ahead and ordered it!

I thought I would add a note on the Vizio. I got one of these. Overall happy with it. Looks great and runs well for what I need. Probably wouldn’t get it for games though. The sub/power supply on mine was making a ton of noise. This computer comes with an extension cable that can be put on to move the sub further from the computer. After playing around with the setup and talking to Vizio support I took off the extension cable and the noises all stopped. Runs much quieter now.

Seems like a good deal. In for one.

WAIT! Which one? Inquiring minds want to know.

Got my Envy 700-059c in last night. I swapped in an SSD, Geforce 660 GTX, and higher-wattage power supply and it’s working great.

The PSU I put in is a bit larger than the one that comes with it, so the powers cables are a bit tight next to the DVD drive, but it’s not a problem. The graphics card fits with plenty of room to spare, despite being significantly larger than the included card.

On to why I’m actually writing this post, in case someone has a similar issue and checks out this thread:

The main issue I had was that my graphics card is not compatible with the Windows 8 UEFI secure boot feature. I wasn’t aware that was even possible, but apparently so. The symptom is that the system doesn’t seem to start up, and at least with my graphics card, it emitted 6 beeps. Enabling legacy support and disabling secure boot in the BIOS fixes this. Apparently some graphics card vendors have a firmware update to enable support for this feature too, but I didn’t look into it.

Dell Inspiron One io2330T-5000BK All-in-One Desktop PC - arrived DOA. Dell can’t service it without a transfer of ownership & no word back from woot.

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from your email inquiry.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your inquiry along to Woot Member Services.

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the issue.

Appreciate the assist. Did hear back, but they are only offering an RMA & refund. I don’t want to just return the item & get a refund. I want to actually use the computer in question. That is why I want to do the transfer of ownership. Dell rejected it with using the woot information from the shipping label, so what is this computer registered under so I can successfully complete the transfer of ownership?


Hmmmm. Since I’m uncertain as to “transferring ownership” of products.

I can ask Woot Staff if there are any alternative options for you.

Again, thanks for your patience.

Possibly someone might chime in and help explain or give some advice.

If/once I hear back I’ll share a post here.

Dell said since the unit was still under warranty they would come out & swap out the faulty motherboard, but only after the transfer of ownership process completed (from woot to me). I ran through the process once & was rejected, but because I did not have the correct original owner information (as noted I tried to use the woot information off the shipping label), so if someone could provide me with the current registered owner information for these computers then I can get the change of ownership processed.