Dontwantaname Fan Club

In case you missed d’name in the spotlight…

Post your favorite d’name moment below.

I have to say dname mailing pictures of Rusty for my kids. Those pictures were hanging in their room for years!

Set list

Little known fact: D’Name has been to a Cure concert. Proof is in the set list photo posted above taken on her kitchen floor.

I was the lucky mod that interviewed Dontwantaname. HOWEVER, I’d have to say my personal fave is when she PM’d me last year the day after I started working at woot. She was the one-woman-community-welcome-wagon. :slight_smile:

OK, this makes up for not getting crap!

Oh, KT, your birdhouse roof rotted out.
If you are ever in the birdhouse making mood again, I’ll buy one!
It had a bird family every year!

I did? Gee that was nice of me!
I still remember how happy I was when people talked to me when I was new.

Your hands look great. I checked when you were on today.
You need to change your name to largewomenhands, because they didn’t look like man hands!

Ha! They are largewomanhands, but that’s a mouthful. :slight_smile:

I :heart: Dname.

I couldn’t do the interview so Manhands graciously stepped in to do it. I gave her some questions to ask such as the poop report.

I thought Dname was absolutely wonderful. Loved that interview.

lol @ no1 burn

I only started walking the forums last week, so I’m still learning who put what in how. This whole celebration though has been a great experience, and I got to meet a lot of people I doubt I would have met otherwise. Many a conversations were had through the trials and tribulations of Friday, and I hope the foundations that were laid out won’t fade away into the thick mist of the interwebz.

We are very happy to have you!

All this trying to shift the Bubba suspicions elsewhere when we all know SHE is the Bubba.