worse lookin donut I ever saw… looking at me.

Yuck. Least appetizing donut I’ve ever seen. What is it filled with? Whirled peas?

Besides being a clever name pun, I feel that donuts often go hand-in-hand with the smart tech guy of any group, turtle or human.

cute, but looks way happier/goofier than I’ve ever seen one of the TMNT (unless maybe there was pizza involved)

That donut has turned green with envy or maybe mold.

What flavor is that icing? It looks like mustard.

So is this geared toward the nerdy cops that frequent Shirt Woot?

That’s because it’s not an HEB donut. Those things are coated with anti-molding agents. Must be a Krispy Kreme dude. -funk-

On a side note, that coloring makes him look more like a bagel.

The joke doesn’t work if he is a bagel.

It’s clearly a wasabi donut!

I would be terrified of mustard icing…cause that might it’s wiener-filled. :X

This is biased. Where’s Leonardonut, Rafritterel, or Micruellerangelo?

I like anything that combines a pastry with a sense of childhood nostalgia, with a pun thrown in for good measure.


The donut color wouldn’t look so bad if they hadn’t put it on a red shirt. Opposites are supposed to be complementary, but I have never thought red and green looked good together outside of December.

I had no idea TMNT were still popular.

I am so out of touch.

Looks like a green gummy lifesaver.

My guess on seeing the thumbnail image was “Judonut”.