Dooomcat's Ninjas

I sleep soundly because on my nightstand are a samurai, ninja troll, and Dooomcat’s ninja plushie. Death to intruders!

Ah Dooomcat, how does my son love you? Let me count the ways. Eleven Ninja shirts bought as they came out. Seven replacements this Christmas as he grew reeeeealy tall since the first buy.

:smiley: Those darn kids always growing!

How come all the Oblivious Ninja designs aren’t included?

There’s a Dooomcat ninja plushie? I need that! That should totally be part of this sale :slight_smile: LOVE the designs Dooomcat… wish they were on AA so I could buy them, sigh

It would be cool if you got something special for buying one of each while these were on sale!


ZOMG I would buy a Dooomcat ninja plushie too!

where did you get a ninja plushie? My daughter has all of these shirts! Keep them coming.

I love the reactions my “Because” shirt gets. People just stare at me like a confused puppy.

+1 for wanting the plushie.

Hopefully he’ll be stopping soon since he’s 6’1" already. Do you think they’ll offer an XL-Tall eventually?

+1 on the plushie

Squeee type thank you Dooomcat - son has autism and LOVES these shirts. His teachers have told me several times how he uses them as a conversation opener. So THANK YOU and keep them coming!

Wow Becky! That’s touching; I’m so glad they resonate with him. The 4 year old son of some close friends of our’s was recently diagnosed. We don’t yet know where he falls on the spectrum but they are coming to terms with the idea and navigating the treatment options. He already has fantastic support and lots of people behind him. I have to hope his future is a lot brighter than my cousin who is 24 now and wasn’t identified until his early teens, missing out on so much important early intervention.

Much love to you and your son.

I also love the ninjas and think their designs make the best greeting cards!

The Dooomcat ninja plushie. Part of Shirt.Woot’s mini plushie blind box series. They were sold on the Shirt.Woot site a few months back.

Agreed on the plushie. We need teh plushies!

P.S. I would buy all these shirts, except I literally own them all already :slight_smile: Need more Doomcat.

I love the ninjas. Have been slowly buying them and when I realized the oblivious ninja rocks was being offered again I bought 2. These are my conversation starter, make me feel good shirts. Some days just looking at these designs is enough to make me smile. I picked up 7 shirts with this sale, cannot wait for them to arrive so I can start wearing them everywhere.

That is pretty much the reaction I get with that shirt too. (LOL) I love it. I showed it to a friend as soon as I got it and he was like I don’t get it. I told him to read the word a few times.

  1. My son and I love these guys too.
  2. Need plushie.
  3. 100% would buy posters of these.
    EDIT: 4. Would also buy greeting cards. Actually a (#)-pack containing 2-4 of each design would be awesome, because then we could just frame those - one set in my room, one for my son. I’m just sayin…

That’s the only one that I haven’t bought for my teenage daughter (although she really wants it) 'cuz I don’t get it. I hate seeing the poor little cloud puking rainbow.
No Unstealthiest Christmas?

Which is why I am glad my dad is done growing.
He was squealing in his room over these and showed me, so my husband and I ordered 4 of his favorites(sadly not all, can’t afford them) for him for his 50th birthday end of this month to surprise him with.