Doppio Passo Italian Primitivo (4)

Doppio Passo 2010 Italian Primitivo 4-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $80.00) 25% off List Price
2010 Doppio Passo Italian Primitivo Salento IGT
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Grazie grazie grazie per la buona selezione vino italiano … Lo apprezzo! Ho comprare uno!

p.s. Folks, don’t miss out on this.

Here’s a good link that spells out the Doppio Passo Salento Primitivo wine DNA.

I did so want this-but-NO Virginia

OH NO- me too!!!

Anyone in Northern Virginia want to split? I can have it shipped to my wife’s store in DC. I’d need you to come to Alexandria or DC to pick it up.

Come mai? Hai già assaggiato questo vino? Raccontami!

I will admit to really liking Primaterra Primitivo (cheap at Stew Leonards) alongside a slice of pizza. Wondering how much better this might be…damn you woot, I just bought that mixed red case, and will soon be storing wine in the bedroom like John.

I’ve never had a Primitivo but I love Sangiovese - how does this compare?

Primitivo is the Italian zinfandel. So, if you are familar with zin’s and with sangio’s, you’ll know the difference.

more than any other offer this makes me disappointed that you don’t ship to MA. I love primitivo. Whenever I write my representatives about the need to reform our primitive wine laws they say ‘I’m with you on this’ but where is the action??

I remember drinking this(different vintage) when I lived in Switzerland. As a student I didn’t have much moola, so I’m pretty sure It was less than $10/bottle. It only reminded me how much I missed California reds. At $15/bottle…no way.

I’m not seeing any reviews for the 2010, but the 2007 was pretty soundly beaten up on cellar tracker.

Anybody actually tasted this wine before?

$15+ for primitivo seems like no kind of deal IMHO.

Thanks for the offer but I live way down in south central VA!!!