Doral Designs Popcorn Maker

1400 watts? oh my god! don’t plug this in with anything else.

Air popped popcorn is the driest, nastiest stuff known to man. Avoid this woot!

In for 1

Air-popped popcorn is fine, as long as you spritz it with water before salting, or cooking spray, or but some melted butter or margarine on it.

I don’t see how the door opening in and up is a good idea at all…

…who decides they need a huge popcorn machine in 44 seconds?

So that’s what the bacon salt was for.

how big is this

obviously the first person who bought it

I was about to get this, but my finger stopped me, and I’m so tempted on getting this… can’t go a day without having some popcorn… lol

Who has the counterspace??

That Breadmaker from Woot is taking it all…

Unit dimensions: 9.9” x 11.8” x 20.5”

Unit dimensions: 9.9” x 11.8” x 20.5”

If these are still around in the morning I’ll ask the wife if we have room for one.
The kids make bagged popcorn all the time. This would be better.

Air popped?

Yeah right.


after doing a little research, some of you might know where I got this picture but I was also asking my self how the door would work so take a loot at this.

It really looks the same, but it has different buttons and that’s about it… maybe… ?

Air popped is VERY dry and you need a ton of butter to make it palatable…

However, air popped is the most healthy if you don’t add butter, but it really is just too dry to enjoy in my opinion.

you put it by the tv or projector

Froogle takes us here:
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$19 cheaperincluding shipping