Dorcy 50 Lumen 12Volt Rechargeable Light with Tail Cap Charger

Pricing posts are working now…

I don’t have to be creative :slight_smile:

Pricing posts are working now…

I don’t have to be creative :slight_smile:

I almost ordered a couple of these during a previous Woot-Off.

Anyone have any personal reviews of this one?

have to charge, 1 hour run, 50 lumens, doesn’t make sense. I could get a 200 lumen AA that runs for 5 hours for less.

Description accuracy fail…

the product description is wrong?

An LED flashlight that only runs for an hour? Hunnnh? Is it running on a single button cell?

Holy crap, there must be a ton of these. Cheap flashlights usually disappear in a… flash.

Ugh. xD

If you leave it plugged in the car all the time, would it get fried eventually?

Charge 4 to 8 hours for one hour run time… That is ridiculous.

Bought 2 last time…well worth the purchase!

Where are you getting this info?

I just ordered one, hopefully I won’t be RMA’ing it.

I think the description on this thing is all messed up.

what the heck is up with the description? it’s way too early in a wootoff for everything to be borked already…

That’s what I was thinking…so my reaction is a solid…meh.

I always have trouble with items that cost less than the shipping to get it to me.

mertiline’s got ones similar to this… cheaper! sorry woot!

Note that it recharges in a car outlet, not an AC electrical outlet. :frowning:

18000 mah? That’s BS. 18 amp hour lithium polymer packs cost about $400, weigh about 8 pounds and are about 11" long by 4 inches square. I’m sure a marketing guy put thumbscrews onto an engineer and kept twisting until he figured out some weaselly way that he could claim that this was the equivalent of 18 amp hours in some bizarro universe definition. Same way that you can buy “1000 watt” auto amplifiers that you can hold in one hand.

Curious if anyone knows the Beam Angle