doTERRA Serenty Essential Oil

doTERRA Serenty Essential Oil

I’m not sure that it’s legal that you’re selling this product on this site.

And to any potential purchasers - I would question the authenticity of this product. Doterra doesn’t resell to Amazon.

Yeah. I didn’t think Woot was a cult.

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Is snake oil an essential oil?

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I came here to reassure you the item is legit because I bought it from the sale last month but now that I look at it I’m not so sure. I’ve listed a comparison of the same product I bought from my local “dealer” and the one that I received from Woot last month. @ThunderThighs any chance we can get confirmation that this is a legit product?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Honestly, we’re not sure. This is from Amazon inventory so the only info we have is what’s in the sale. In the abundance of caution, we took it down.

Maybe a clue is that “Serenity” is misspelled “Serenty” in the Woot! product listing title. Hmmm :thinking:


Spelling is not our forte. Nor is spell checker built into our admin system. Fun times.