Double Crossed

Simple. The DOT was lazy and didn’t feel like making a direct road. It would have required more tax dollars, exploding away a mountainside, and relocating about 100 varieties of plant and animal life. Easier to make it just go around.

Dude, Woot totally just called you out.

…You gonna take that?

lol true, the N (or simple ornamentation) should be at the top of the compass rose and typically the center is a circle with a multi-pointed star:

I bet it’s taking the treasure to another map! :slight_smile:

I’d get this if it wasnt for the poop green shirt color.

Cute design, in its sketchy style.

I would buy this shirt. The olive one… probably not.

You people are all silly. Obviously the pirates sailed on a lake and buried the chest underwater, with all the underwater mountains. That’s why it’s blue. And, duh, how they were able to get that ship to the burial site in the first place. And Junior there must have had a snorkle and flippers when he stole the chest.

Aren’t all compasses like that?

♫ She ain’t nothin’ but a gold digger ♪ …

Obviously, the treasure was buried at the South Pole, where every direction was north. Why there’s not more snow, now that’s a question needing to be asked.

I don’t mind so much. :tongue:

Good answer! I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t think of that myself. It’s the answer to one of those common riddles.

That’s the logical conclusion I made as well. Might explain the colors.

and where did he get that shovel … and appendages … maybe woot shirts are best left unquestioned

You can call him whatever you want. If you’re more interested in getting to the treasure than in the exhilaration of exerting yourself for your prize, that’s your problem, not mine. I’d rather have the satisfaction of getting the job done through my own sweat and patience. Yknow, the way a real swashbuckler would

That’s my problem, indeed, as your problem is the rude suggestion that wench maps require treasure in order to allow you to dig in them. I’ll take the Digger any day over some Captain Boring of the S.S. Shut Up trying to buy his way into my treasure map. Hmph!

I’d like it more if you could actually see the X

terrible choice on the color

This one has a wiimote.

Hey, I never said it made sense. No treasure worth seeking requires you to input treasure first.

If it’s packaged like a videogame, you know it’s time-tested for solo digs.

DigDug: also tested for solo digs