Double Hammock (5 Colors)

I bought the double last time this came around. Great hammock. And the extra space is nice if you don’t have anyone to share with. No different than the more popular Eno in my opinion. Recommend Atlas slap straps for easy set up.

Is the max load correct? 300 pounds for 2 people seems pretty light.

It’s correct.

So a double hammock is just larger?

Right, the width is 6’6" instead of the usual 3ish feet.

Don’t want to ask a stupid question, but need to do so anyways… Is there any sort of mosquito net / covering thing?

The photos show two colors & I’m thinking the top color may be a mosquito stopper, although it’s not mentioned anywhere.

Does anyone know? If so I wanna grab one.


This one does not have a net.